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At the age of 11, Sarah started playing the violin but later moved onto the viola, an instrument similar to the violin but slightly bigger and having a more mellow tone.  Her most influential viola teachers were: Prunella Pacey, a violist who has played with a number of professional orchestras and string quartets, including the Allegri String Quartet; and, Margaret Major, a viola teacher at the Royal College of Music and member of the now-disbanded Aeolian String Quartet.

Throughout her working life, Sarah played viola with a number of amateur orchestras in various parts of England, wherever work and family took her.

Five years ago, Sarah retired and moved to Nantwich in Cheshire.  Shortly afterwards and true to form, she joined the South Cheshire Orchestra as a viola player.  However, a shortage of violin players within the group led her to return to her violin, a position that she has held for the last couple of seasons.

Since returning to the violin, Sarah has enjoyed playing folk music, learning from Tom McConville, deemed to be “Britain's foremost fiddle player”, and Robin Shepherd, a fiddle player of traditional music and dance.

Sarah’s musical interests extend further: she is a member of the first-violin section of the Middlewich Concert Orchestra. and is the leader of the Crewe and Nantwich U3A Instrumental Folk Group.





The Memorial Hall,

Church Lane,












10.00 a.m.




First Sunday in September to the last Sunday of the following June (any variations notified to members).




... is open to anyone who plays a musical instrument usually associated with the symphony orchestra.  Presently, there are no vacancies for woodwind players, but players are needed for:

strings, especially violins;

horns and 2nd trumpet.


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The South Cheshire Orchestra is a member of Making Music, formerly the National Federation of Music Societies.



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Richard started learning to play the piano at an early age, later taking up the cornet while at primary school.

Later, in high school, he joined the school band and the local church band.

While at college, he joined the Crewe West End Concert Band (now, the Crewe Concert Band), where he is a member to this day, with responsibility for looking after the band’s music library. When he joined, he was playing the cornet, but then moved briefly onto euphonium.  Now, his favoured instrument is the trumpet.  Ever ambitious to widen his musical prowess, Richard is now turning his hand to conducting.

After about two years playing the trumpet, Richard was asked to join the Middlewich Concert Orchestra.

Among his other musical interests, Richard plays trumpet with the Godfathers of Soul, which is a local Soul, Motown and Northern Soul group and, more recently, with the Bad Dukes and Beggars, which is a recently formed group that performs an eclectic mix of Ska, Blue Beat, Reggae and Dub.